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Case Study | AliveCor

Case Studies

AliveCor is a medical device and AI company producing ECG hardware and software for consumer mobile devices. The company is the first to receive FDA-clearance for a medical-device accessory to the Apple Watch.

“These tools helped us flip the 80/20 rule on its head and prioritize edge cases which result in designs that work for more people and have higher adoption, engagement, and retention.”  Justin W Ranton Director, UX, AliveCor

The Problem

The challenge is always showing the return on investment (ROI) of design in different ways. In this case, it’s helping to communicate the ROI of being inclusive in how we approach product design – specifically around folks with disabilities through accessible design.

The Resources

We have been able to use the DATAcc Inclusivity Toolkit for Development to influence our UX strategy and focus on one of our core design values of delivering inclusive experiences. The Market Opportunity Calculator helps us communicate and prioritize inclusivity for different market segments by assigning a dollar value to the effort, helping us better communicate the ROI of inclusivity as a part of our design process.

The Impact

✓ Greater patient centricity

✓ Clear communication both internally and externally

✓ Operational efficiencies and/or faster decision making ✓ Team education and cohesion

✓ Refined/improved strategy

✓ More buy-in

✓ Meeting strategic imperative regarding inclusivity

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