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Case Studies

BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. “Just educating during the roll out of a product is not enough; we need to make sure that the data input that informs products are also enabling inclusivity early in the data collection phase in order to minimize unintentional exclusion.” Kalvin YuMD VP, Medical Affairs, US Region, BD

The Problem

Populations who traditionally have poorer access to healthcare are disproportionately affected by COVID. Analytics related to COVID outcomes are largely based on electronic records that are notorious for being less accurate in designating race and ethnicity. As the pandemic has shown, better documentation of such can improve the analytic outputs that examine infectious disease outcomes by demographics. 

The Resources

  • BD has partnered with the CDC in creating a COVID dashboard that gives them insight to end organ inflammation, ICU care, length of stay and other outcomes that may inform public health policy:
  • The DATAcc Toolkits for Inclusivity touched upon known bottlenecks in accurately collecting race and ethnicity data from core inputs. The Toolkits may be helpful in sharing with relevant stakeholders in an education campaign to highlight the downstream analytic importance of having more accurate race and ethnicity data to help strengthen the insights regarding outcomes in demographics that might have poorer access to healthcare.

The Impact

We expect: ✓ Greater patient centricity ✓ Clear communication internally and externally ✓ Refined / Improved strategy ✓ More buy-in ✓ Meeting strategic imperative regarding inclusivity logo-color-full-RBG (1) About Us
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