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Case Studies

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC), a leading health-care provider in the state of Connecticut, offers primary medical, dental and mental health services to low-income, uninsured and underinsured patients using innovative service delivery models and state of the art technology. CHC is one of seven FQHCs enrolling for the All of Us Research Program (AoURP).

“Engaging with people who have historically been underrepresented in biomedical research was a cornerstone of our mission. The toolkit allowed us to design our outreach strategy in a participant-centric and inclusive way.” Amy TaylorVice President, CHC “The informed consent is critical to the success of participant engagement in any project. The DATAcc toolkit helps to ensure we are considering the critical points of the process.” Katrina YamazakiPrincipal Investigator and Senior Scientist, CHC Previous Next

The Problem

The CHC team that focused on community-based COVID-19 vaccination efforts in vulnerable communities wanted to understand best practices for outreach and engagement of this population.

The Resources

The CHC team leveraged DATAcc resources, specifically the Guide for Community Partnerships and Guide for Inclusive Engagement.

The guides helped CHC:

  1. Understand partners’ key needs better
  2. Create long-term plans for engagement, rather than single transactional moments
  3. Engage in trust building with key stakeholders
  4. Remain consistent with follow throughs

The Impact

  • DATAcc helped shifted CHC’s focus from short-term wins to long-term engagement and helped the organization develop an enduring strategy, despite the challenges of the pandemic.
  • The engagement tools helped CHC better engage its typical partners (such as local health departments and community-based organizations) and broaden its reach to new partners.
  • New partners – including those most skeptical and reluctant to receive a vaccine – were successfully engaged by partnering with trusted community members (such as park workers, aids, and teachers).
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