Our Vision

To achieve the promise of digital health measurement to improve lives, for everyone

Our Mission

Hosted by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc) will use interdisciplinary expertise, data, and use cases to develop and demonstrate best practices and advance harmonized approaches to speed the use of digital health measurement to improve health outcomes, health economics, and health equity.

Our Goals

To convene the many stakeholders necessary to establish and implement a shared vision of high quality digital health measurement such that it is equally accessible to and effective for every person. This will require focused and persistent pursuit of:

Fostering a diverse and inclusive community of experts in pursuit of our mission

Establishing global best practices for successfully developing and deploying digital health measurement

Supporting the advancement of regulatory science and commercial practices that foster success in the real world at scale

Optimizing the person-centered use of digital health measurement across contexts of use and wherever it can do the most good for all people

DATAcc Toolkits for Inclusivity: Addressing Inclusivity in the Development and Deployment of Digital Health Measurement Products

DATAcc member organizations share the vision of achieving the promise of digital health measurement to improve lives, for everyone. Recognizing that the greatest public health crisis of our lifetimes brought to light deep systemic problems in how we deliver health care, they have ambitiously chosen to address inclusion in both the development and deployment of digital health measurement products.

The DATAcc Toolkits for Inclusivity provide you access to high-impact, action-oriented workbooks, worksheets, guides and references to move the field from “should do” to “how to” and ensure that digital health measurement improves lives, for everyone.

DATAcc Toolkit for Inclusive Development

This toolkit helps digital measurement product developers to take an inclusive approach to product development.

It provides the supporting tools and resources that you need to take you from making the business case for an inclusive approach to success at every step of the product development process.

DATAcc Toolkit for Inclusive Deployment

This toolkit is designed for teams in charge of deployment digital health measurement product deployment to people, patients and communities.

It contains easy-to-use workbooks, guides, worksheets and resources to increase trust and transparency and ultimately give access to health information for greater control over health and to live healthier lives.

DATAcc Case Studies: See how organizations are using DATAcc resources to solve real-world problems within their organizations. Click here.

Did you miss the launch event?

Driving inclusion in digital health measurement product development and deployment

In this 2-hour launch event, learn about the overarching vision of DATAcc, meet the experts from the DATAcc Steering Committee guiding its direction, and the project teams who were instrumental in developing these two suites of products. Get a first look at a suite of products that will help the field make great strides of addressing historic biases, realizing the broad benefits of inclusivity, and improving lives, for everyone.

Digital health measurement is at a crossroads

How do we ensure that we use digital measures to improve individuals’ care, not violate their privacy?

How do we ensure that we can take a data-driven approach to public health without facilitating harmful surveillance?

How do we use digital health measures to improve access to care and health equity, not exacerbate these challenges along the digital divide?

What is digital health measurement?

Collaborative communities are pre-competitive collaborations of diverse stakeholders in the medical device ecosystem that are dedicated to improving outcomes and solving challenges in a specific health area. Through their work, collaborative communities can develop and disseminate best practices, design solutions to shared challenges, and advance harmonized approaches to improve health and minimize harm. The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) has designated participation in collaborative communities as a strategic priority.

Member Organizations

DiMe has brought together the many stakeholders necessary to establish and implement a shared vision of high quality digital health measurement that is available to and effective for every person. The 2021-2022 DATAcc Steering Committee member organizations include:

Read the DATAcc Charter,  Launch Press Release

and Inaugural Projects Press Release

DATAcc Steering Committee Meetings to-date:

May 25, 2021 (Meeting summary here)

June 22, 2021 (Meeting summary here)

July 20, 2021 (Meeting summary here)

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