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Advancing digital medicine to optimize human health

The Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community will use interdisciplinary expertise, data, and use cases to develop and speed the use of digital health measurement to improve health outcomes, health economics, and health equity.

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Building the Business Case for Inclusivity

To bring an innovative digital health measurement product to market, product developers and executive teams must first build a business case which includes estimating market size and value.

The DATAcc Market Opportunity Calculator is designed to do just that.

In an easy to use and accessible format, you can see the population size and its potential economic value across major health conditions such as diabetes and or heart disease and major vectors of inclusivity such as race or income that your product innovation can deliver.

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Toolkits for Inclusivity

Use these tools when addressing Inclusivity in the Development and Deployment of Digital Health Measurement Products

Development Toolkit

Deployment Toolkit

This toolkit features everything digital measurement product developers need to take an inclusive approach to digital health measurement product development. 


Open Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you ensure that, when digital health measurement is introduced to healthcare and research, all members of the community benefit.

Open Toolkit “These tools helped us flip the 80/20 rule on its head and prioritize edge cases which result in designs that work for more people and have higher adoption, engagement, and retention.” Justin W RantonDirector, UX, AliveCor “Just educating during the roll out of a product is not enough; we need to make sure that the data input that informs products are also enabling inclusivity early in the data collection phase in order to minimize unintentional exclusion.” Kalvin YuMD VP, Medical Affairs, US Region, BD “The informed consent is critical to the success of participant engagement in any project. The DATAcc toolkit helps to ensure we are considering the critical points of the process.” Katrina YamazakiPrincipal Investigator and Senior Scientist, CHC “There is great value in having DATAcc as an easily accessible resource that can quickly surface data on one aspect of value that inclusivity brings to the business. ” Celine Marquez, MDGlobal Medical Director, Digital Health, Genentech Previous Next

Case Studies

See how organizations are using DATAcc resources to solve real-world problems within their organizations.

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The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a global non-profit and the professional home for all members of the digital medicine community. Together, we drive scientific progress and broad acceptance of digital medicine to enhance public health.

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