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Genentech | Case Study

Case Studies

Genentech is a large biotech company with digital focus areas in Oncology, Neuroscience, Inflammation, and Respiratory diseases. 

“There is great value in having DATAcc as an easily accessible resource that can quickly surface data on one aspect of value that inclusivity brings to the business. “ Celine Marquez, MDGlobal Medical Director, Digital Health, Genentech

The Problem

We needed a foundational resource to point our study teams to when designing a digital trial.

The Resources

We provided our study teams with the DATAcc Inclusivity Toolkit for Development to increase inclusive and diverse patient representation in our digital trials. 

The Impact

✓ Greater patient centricity,
✓ Clear communication with internal teams and executives,
✓ Team education and cohesion,
✓ Refined/improved strategy,
✓ Operational efficiencies,
✓ More buy-in,
✓ Meeting strategic imperative regarding inclusivity. logo-color-full-RBG (1)

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