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Case Studies

Institute for eHealth Equity is a social impact consulting firm that works to improve health equity and reduce health disparities.

Through the creation of culturally appropriate, collaborative online spaces, the Institute works with faith and community-based organizations to promote the benefits of leveraging technology to improve health outcomes

The Institute is working with digital innovators to ensure technology is developed in a culturally aware manner. It is also fostering a relationship between digital innovators and community stakeholders – An important piece of this being: getting de-identified and aggregated data back to community leaders to understand the impact of their work.

Why it Matters

“Digital health tools have not yet shown substantial adoption or impact among underserved populations and this may lead to greater disparities in health outcomes. Our work, along with our DATAcc partners , is specifically designed to change paradigms, and deliver culturally appropriate solutions that shorten the distance between health technology developers, the tools they create, and the underserved community members that benefit from greater inclusivity” Silas BuchananFounder and CEO, Institute for eHealth Equity

The Background

  • Underserved communities are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease; with tools and care models deployed using new technology, there are growing concerns that innovations will lead to an exacerbation of disparities.

  • Many digital health products are created and introduced, to the market lacking cultural competency, impacting usage rates in diverse groups.

  • Tackling barriers to improved health outcomes requires stakeholder collaboration across the healthcare system.

The DATAcc Resources to Use

The DATAcc Toolkits for Inclusive Development and Deployment offer product development resources and guide for developing community partnerships. logo-color-full-RBG (1)

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