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DATAcc by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)

There are many thorny questions that simply can’t – and shouldn’t – be addressed by one particular organization or one particular stakeholder group, but instead require working together. 

The Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc) by the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a collaborative community with the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. We provide a forum for collaboration where partners and experts from across the digital health field work to advance the use of digital health measures in research to improve lives.

Our work

DATAcc is advancing digital measurement and diagnostics as a priority because of the promise of digital health measurement to improve lives for everyone. Digital health measurement can improve health outcomes, economics, and equity – that’s why we created a robust set of free resources you can use to advance digital measurement. As the field evolves, we also continue to launch new efforts to create more tools for your toolkit.

Interested in joining our next project, contributing to our libraries, or getting involved in a different way?

Our active partners

This community of experts assembled under DATAcc is unrivaled in impact on the science, practice, and impact of digital health measurement and digital measurement and diagnostics.

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