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DATAcc Projects

DATAcc projects focus on advancing digital health measurements by developing new evidentiary frameworks and new measures in a pre-competitive environment.

As a DATAcc project partner, you will be part of a project to transform lives with digital health measurement. Your organization will also become a member of the DATAcc steering committee and community. Join a broader group of leaders across the healthcare ecosystem to establish and execute a shared vision of high-quality digital health measurement that is easily accessible and beneficial for everyone.

As a project partner industry leaders will:
  • Gain value by having a seat at the table where important questions are solidified into recommendations for best practices

  • Engage with other leaders to ensure that solutions are appropriate and applicable to all 

  • Be recognized for your leadership in digital health innovation and digital measure development

DATAcc projects fall into three main categories:

External Collaborations, Engagements, and Alliances

  • Completed Resources

  • Living resources

  • Active projects

  • Upcoming (likely) projects