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Select the right measure of sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in overall health. Better sleep means better health, while poor sleep can lead to or indicate chronic conditions.

Measuring sleep disturbance leads to better interventions and remedies for all, and a consistent set of core digital measures is essential to ensure accurate and reliable measurement.

Use DATAcc by DiMe’s optimized set of core sleep measures and supporting resources to improve efficiencies and make digital clinical measures more effective – thereby transforming research and care to advance overall population health.

Resources designed for you

Use these resources to implement DATAcc’s Core Digital Measures of Sleep. The resources are thorough and adaptable, allowing you to create additional sleep measures according to research requirements while ensuring transparent and accurate measurement.

Imagine you are having difficulty sleeping and could benefit from studying your sleep. You are given two options: 

Option 1

Go to a lab

Go to a lab where you try to sleep in an artificial setting that is expensive and reflects very little about your typical night’s sleep. You’d face an unfamiliar environment, discomfort from monitoring equipment, routine disruption, and limited movement.

Option 2

Study your sleep at home

Your sleep could be studied from home using sensor-based digital health technologies (sDHTs). Your natural sleep patterns, quality, and any environmental factors that may impact your sleep, such as noise, light, and temperature, will be observed. Your typical sleep routine and behaviors are also considered for the most accurate representation of your sleep.

Option two is likely the preferred choice for many. Home-based sleep monitoring using sDHTs offers numerous advantages by providing holistic insights into an individual’s sleep and facilitating the development of targeted strategies to improve sleep quality. DATAcc’s Core Digital Measures of Sleep is essential to capture accurate and reliable measurements. 

Launch Webinar: Learn how these resources are creating impact

Library of Digital Measurement Products

Sleep digital measurement products are now included in this library, making it a valuable, one-stop-shop for you to access high-quality digital clinical measures, measurement tools, and datasets to use in your research and care.

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Project partners

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