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Making it Easy for You to Pick the Right Measure of Physical Activity

Physical activity is one of the most commonly measured aspects of health using digital tools. We’re here to help you measure it the right way.

Digital health technologies provide a powerful new way for you to measure one of the most critical indicators of functional status and overall health: physical activity.

By identifying a core set of digital clinical measures applicable to the broadest range of therapeutic areas, we will focus the transformational power of innovation and competition on a set of shared targets and make it easier for you to pick the right measure of physical activity.

We believe this core set of digital clinical measures of physical activity can speed the development of new therapies to market, addressing meaningful aspects of patients’ health.


Vendors developing digital measurement products and the investors funding them will know what measures they should develop to meet the needs of regulatory and clinical consumers.

Clinical care providers and researchers will have the opportunity to deploy high quality, trustworthy digital clinical measures that are relevant to clinical decision-making.

Regulators and payers will have access to the necessary evidence to prove the value of these digital clinical measures for decision-making.

Patients will benefit from the broad adoption of measures that assess the most important facets of their conditions and products differentiated based on user experience.

Project partners

We are proud to be working on this project alongside the following leaders from academia, consumer goods, government, pharmaceutical and life science companies, technology, grant-giving disease foundations, biomedical research, and more.

Digital solutions collaborators