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Joss Langford – Physical Activity Quote

“Activinsights wholeheartedly supports DATAcc by DiMe’s work and is dedicated to seamlessly integrating the Core Digital Measures of Physical Activity into our workflows.

As pioneers in standardized measures and tools, with over 1,100 publications and 200 clinical trials using our technologies, we affirm their crucial role in accurately capturing physical activity data, fostering collaboration, and driving impactful research.

Furthermore, we capitalize on resources like the Conceptual Model and Ontologies provided by DATAcc to ensure we define our measures in line with common technical standards. Sharing these resources with collaborators informs decisions on employing evidence-based digital measures of physical activity in clinical trials or patient monitoring, contributing to a collective understanding of physical activity and its health impacts.”

Joss Langford |  CTO & Founder, Activinsights