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The core set of digital measures of sleep

Use the core set of digital measures of sleep to ensure that sleep is measured in a standardized way, in more conditions, more often, and with greater transparency.

Constructed from key elements of sleep measurement for researchers, clinicians, digital health technology (DHT) developers, and academic research scientists, it provides you with terminologies and ontologies, and explains the core digital parameters at the algorithm output level to bring a more structured approach to adopting sleep measurement and facilitate fluid comparison between studies.

Resources to help you implement the core digital measures

Use the resources below to implement the core set of digital measures of sleep in practice and to support you throughout the process.

Core Measures: Sleep Measurement System

As you work to select and procure digital solutions, use this technical document to learn more about core digital parameters at the algorithm output level.

Emerging measures of sleep

Ontology of sleep regularity index (Percentage)

Ontology of symptomatology impact on sleep

Conceptual Model: Sleep Disturbance

Use this conceptual model and corresponding graphics for sleep disturbance across multiple therapeutic areas in briefing books, regulatory documents, and white papers.

Narrative Review: Objective Clinical Measures of Sleep in Real-World Settings and Systematic Literature Review of Qualitative Evidence of Sleep Disturbance

Read this preprint to learn more about the work.

Use this resource for a deep dive into the important concepts across patients.

Library of Digital Measurement Products

Sleep digital measurement products are now included in this library, making it a valuable, one-stop-shop for you to access high-quality digital clinical measures, measurement tools, and datasets to use in your research and care.