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How to use the core set of digital measures of sleep for clinical & healthcare decision makers

Monitoring patient’s sleep in various conditions can help facilitate discussion and diagnosis. Use these resources help you talk to patients about their sleep and how to seek reimbursement for measuring it.

Resources to help you implement the core digital measures

Use the resources below to implement the core set of digital measures of sleep in practice and to support you throughout the process.

Reimbursement for Clinicians: Getting paid for caring for your patients using digital measures of sleep

Use this resource to navigate the reimbursement process effectively and receive reimbursement for assessing core measures.

Connecting Core Measures: Suggested Recommendations for Interpreting Data

Use these graphics, illustrating the connection of core measures with interpretation, in your work. They are designed in various styles and link to our core measures with recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation’s published consensus work.

Library of Digital Measurement Products

Sleep digital measurement products are now included in this library, making it a valuable, one-stop-shop for you to access high-quality digital clinical measures, measurement tools, and datasets to use in your research and care.