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Analytical Validation Library

The Study

The DATAcc team performed a systematic review of over 1,200 studies to assess the state of evidence for analytical validation of digital health measurement products. DATAcc’s systemic review benchmarked the state of the science describing analytical validation studies of connected, mobile, sensor-based digital health technologies (DHTs) and assessed the quality of study reporting by applying DiMe’s EVIDENCE Checklist to identified papers.

DHTs are electronic tools, systems, devices, and resources that generate, store, and process data in health care and include mobile health, wearable devices, telehealth, telemedicine, electronic health records, and patient portals. They are valuable tools in clinical research and across the care continuum.

There were 303 analytical validation studies identified, but only 208 were considered high-quality. The Analytical Validation Library is an open-access catalog of evidence capturing only the high-quality analytical validation studies returned by DATAcc’s systematic review.

The Analytical Validation Library is a one-stop-shop for digital health product developers, researchers, clinicians, regulators, payers, and patients to access peer-reviewed manuscripts reporting the performance of best-in-class analytical validation studies as defined by DiMe’s V3 Framework. Access the Analytical Validation Library to discover ‘what good looks like’ in terms of high-quality analytical validation to implement these best practices when validating measures of digital health products.

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